Lotus Pub

Come enjoy a drink with us!

1006 Lotus Road, Lotus, CA 95651

(530) 642-2114

About Us


We all need a place to relax after work, so why not do it with us? Join us every Wednesday-Saturday from 4pm to Closing!


  • Open for Thanksgiving (closed Fri-Sat)
  • Closed for Christmas

Beer, Wine and Sodas

Crafted beers on tap

Bottled Beer

Local Wines

Soft Drinks  


Special Carved Sandwiches

Fresh Soup

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Fish Tacos

Macaroni and Cheese

Homemade Pretzels

. . . and more!

(menu always subject to change, but never disappointing!)

Experience it for yourself!

Don't Just Read About Us

Get on down to the pub for a drink and some excellent pub food! Call the number below if you have any questions.

Write: P.O. Box 814, Lotus, CA 95651

Pub: 1006 Lotus Road, Lotus, California 95651 United States

Call: (530) 642-2114


Wednesday - Saturday: 4pm -  closing

  • No reservations needed